About Cass

(aka martinimonsters)

How I got into lifting​

Like many women, I started out my fitness journey trying to be as skinny as possible, thinking I couldn’t lift more than a five pound dumbbell or I’d get bulky.  I tried every kind of exercise dvd, yoga, p90x, the only 20 minutes a day hiit routines, and nothing really stuck with me. I enjoyed a lot of it well enough, was never an unhealthy weight, but never reached a point where I was happy in my body. Enter my late 20s and I’m trying running, which turned out to completely disagree with me, came down with a severe case of posterior tibial tendinopathy and my brother suggested getting into heavy lifting and finally I found the thing that clicked with me. Not only did it finally create a body I love (and also teach me to appreciate it even when it’s less than perfect), it somehow balances my mood so I don’t find myself falling into throws of ennui as much as I used to.

Extra note: I'm obsessed with food

I’m a bit of a hedonist and desserts in particular are a passion in my life. I’m often baking, either perfecting my recipe for the ultimate chocolate chip cookie, or creating the most satisfying fake sugared protein’d up breakfast muffins.

butt shot moody 14

Software engineer by day

As a founding member of the Twitch fitness community, I spend my lifting sessions teaching, demonstrating, and ranting on all things lifting related.

What began as just streaming my workouts, because why not, turned into a live Q&A that has grown beyond the bounds of my streaming sessions. Over the years of informally coaching people in small spurts through streams I realized I needed to expand my services to better guide people to their fitness and health goals.

Fitness streamer by night

Being an NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, with a B.S. in Computer Science (in Real Time Interactive Simulation, which is just a fancy way to say I have a degree in making video games) has made me a uniquely rounded coach. I’m a voracious (perhaps even obsessive) learner, but a logical and critical mindset helps me filter through all the noise in the health and fitness world. You will often hear me talk about balance and I exemplify this, not just in my choices, but in my personality. My logical half is tempered by my empathy. I think this is key to what makes me successful in my efforts to help people. 


What does martinimonsters mean?

Just a name I came up with in high school for my gmail. I was looking at art by Shag and it came to me and sounded cool. I don’t even love martinis. But I definitely enjoy a drink here and there.

How did you start streaming?

I started streaming in 2013 mostly to find friends to play League of Legends with. I had to quit competitive gaming (because I was all or nothing with it) in order to focus on fitness goals, but I was already so used to the habit of streaming. So I just kept doing what I was doing, with lifting instead of playing games. Check out my stream on Twitch!

Are you A powerlifter?

I believe the powerlifting movements are applicable to almost every trainee. While I wouldn’t consider myself a powerlifter, competing in powerlifting has enabled me to solidify the techniques and generalize the application towards other fitness goals. Personally, I like training with some goals for getting stronger in the squat, bench, and deadlift.


Born July 2nd 1985, currently reside in Portland, OR.
Height: 5′ 2.5″
Weight:125-130 lbs

Random assortment of things said to, or about, me

“You got the wrong degree”

From my film professor after I received my BS in Computer Science

“You should have been a therapist”

From a viewer on a Twitch stream

“She’s got the brains, she’s got the booty”